Sustainable living and green community

195 625 (2014)

The BedZED (Beddington Zero Energy Development) is the UK's first and largest carbon-neutral eco-community and is located in Sutton, a residential town 40 minutes southwest of London. It is the UK’s first large-scale, mixed use sustainable community with homes, office space, a college and community facilities. The BedZED design concept was driven by the desire to create a net-zero fossil energy development, one that will produce at least as much energy from renewable sources as it consumes. Only energy from renewable sources is used to meet the energy needs of BedZED; it is therefore a carbon neutral development, resulting in no-net addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. BedZED is designed to minimise its ecological impact, both in construction and operation processes and to help residents consume only their fair share of the earth’s resources. It exemplifies an innovative, zero-energy and sustainable housing approach on a multi-unit scale. It represents an inspiration for sustainable neighbourhood and low-carbon housing development in future urban contexts.