San Francisco Green Building Program

3 270 000 (2013)
GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP):
72 390.00US$ (2014)

San Francisco city is implementing an innovative and comprehensive group of policy initiatives along with incentive programs to improve the energy and environmental performance of new and existing buildings, denominated as “Green Building Program”. Under this program, innovative ordinances have imposed green building requirements for residential and commercial buildings newly constructed and for the renovations of the existing buildings. Subsequently, California's Building Standards Commission developed in 2010 the California Green Building Standards Code designated by "CAL Green". This code is the part 11 of the twelve parts of the adoption, amendment and repeal of building regulations to the California Code of Regulations. The San Francisco Green Building Program combines via the development of the San Francisco Green Building Code the mandatory elements of the previous California building regulation (2010 California Green Building Standards Code) with stricter local requirements.