Climate smart Hyllie - green district project

313 000 (2013)
GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP):
45 000.00US$ (2014)

Hyllie is the largest development area in Malmö, and is planned to become the most climate smart district of the entire Öresund region, including 9,000 homes when completed. In this district, solutions will be tested that can act as role models and good examples for the rest of Malmö and for other cities. The energy supply will be 100% renewable or reused (energy from waste or waste water) by 2020, and the district is a major transportation hub with a train station and a “park and ride” garage for bikers. Other features include mandatory sorting of food waste, smart grids for energy consumption, urban gardening and environmentally certified buildings. The district shall help to achieve the energy strategy for Malmö, and be a dense, mixed and green showcase of sustainable city development.