"BiodiverCity"- green city project

313 000 (2013)
GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP):
45 000.00US$ (2014)

The project “BiodiverCity” was carried out in Malmö in 2012-2014. The project aimed to increase urban biodiversity by creating new products, services and processes for greener cities. The project's goal was to create permanent demonstrations for the dissemination of innovative solutions for urban greenery. The project budget was 9.995 million SEK (~1.18 million USD), funded by the Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA. The project included green yards, roofs and walls in different locations around the city, some including edible plants and some aiming to restore the plants and biodiversity that existed in the area before it was covered by buildings. One key to success in the project was the multi-disciplinary approach with ecologists, landscape architects, scientists, entrepreneurs, developers, etc., all of them working closely together in realizing individual greenery projects.