The POCACITO (Post Carbon Cities of Tomorrow) project - foresight for sustainable pathways towards liveable, affordable and prospering cities in a world context - is a research project funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development. With the objective to facilitate the transition of EU cities to a forecasted sustainable or “post-carbon” economic model, it bases on a series of participatory stakeholder workshops in the case study cities. The purpose of these workshops was to bring together local stakeholders to construct a common postcarbon
vision for 2050 and roadmap, or action plan, to reach the vision. The workshops have highlighted the current successes and challenges facing the city and supported a discussion of city-specific innovative measures based on lessons learned from local experience and best practices. The involvement of local stakeholders took place in joint collaboration with local authorities in order to make sure that such a process could be done within an institutional context. Parallel to the local workshops, the project also sought to involve EU stakeholders to enrich and develop an EU 2050 post-carbon city roadmap. Those activities took place under the form of EU workshops and exchanges in international setting and inputs by the Advisory Board. The organisation of study tours allowed further local stakeholders to share and expand their knowledge with local experts from the visited areas.