Swedish Environmental Research Institute

IVL is a private, non-profit organization, founded in 1966. With its 180 employees, IVL is a leading environmental research institute in Sweden. IVL undertakes project assignments from the industry and authorities, as well as research projects. The scope of assignments ranges from measurements of emissions and the concentration of pollutants in the environment, through compilation and analysis of environmental statistics, actual eco-innovation, the development and implementation of assessment methods, and the modeling of large socio-technical and economic systems, to the analysis and design of policy instruments. IVL conducts environmental research, covering ecological, biological, chemical, physical, technical and socio-economic aspects of environmental issues. IVL has internationally acknowledged expertise in LCA and complex system modelling. IVL is involved in the development and standardization of methods to quantify resource use, for example the development of an international standard for water footprint. IVL also contributes to the development of methodologies for dynamic modeling of carbon flows and for material pinch analysis. IVL has a long experience from working close to policy-makers. IVL has applied the Sensitivity Model in many projects within complex systems, distribution analysis, transport and logistics and sustainable urban development.

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