Smart City Project Graz - District management

269 997 (2014)
GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP):
36 300.00US$ (2011)

To guarantee the broad participation of stakeholders and citizens in the Smart City urban area of Waagner Biro in Graz, a Smart City district management was established in 2013. It is run by StadtLABOR Graz and serves as an information hub between citizens, local companies, the City of Graz and the other twelve consortia members of the project. The development of this urban area, into a low-emission and energy-autonomous district with attractive housing and office buildings, good local supply and recreational leisure activities, is based on the implementation of some innovative energy demonstration technologies that guarantee the sustainable use of energy and resources. StadtLABOR Graz is responsible for the conception, coordination and implementation of the informal planning process and supports also the formal urban planning processes (e.g. the legally binding land-use plan). Work started in 2013 and the process is currently in the middle of the planning period. Initial activities have fostered the increased engagement of local actors, identified realisable projects in the neighbourhood, and stimulated input into the formal planning processes and competitions. For the urban planning competition, on the brownfield in middle and north of the Waagner Biro area the winning concept has been already selected. The district management has developed a very efficient and successful planning approach, which is fostering on communication processes for the implementation of sustainable and attractive energy solutions, living and working places, public and green spaces. As a consequence the same district management approach will be used in other urban development processes, and has started in the Smart City area of Reininghaus.