Movimento Conviva - CicloFaixa Project

11 500 000 (2014)
GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP):
20 650.00US$ (2014)

Through the campaign Movimento Conviva, the municipality of São Paulo, in partnership with Bradesco Seguros Group, brought the idea of developing temporary leisure cycling ways to the city in 2009, aiming to provide more leisure options for citizens during weekends and to promote respect and integration of this transport mode. Since the creation of the first leisure cycling lanes under the CicloFaixa Project, the route was expanded several times and the acceptance continues to grow, albeit facing initial implementation obstacles. During Sundays and National Holidays, from 7a.m. to 4p.m., certain streets in the city are closed to automobiles and open for cyclists and pedestrians only; summing up to 120.8 km of free cycling ways  including the famous Paulista Avenue, which becomes an open space for sports practitioners and tourists. The 120 thousand citizens that use the route can count on the gratuitous technical support of S.O.S. Bike and a Bike Sharing System called CicloSampa.