EcoBici - bike sharing programme

9 000 000 (2013)
GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP):
19 239.00US$ (2014)

EcoBici, Mexico City’s bike sharing programme, was launched in 2010 to increase cycling while simultaneously reducing traffic congestion and transport related greenhouse gas emissions within the city. Bikes placed at several stations are able to be used for transportation within the city when users register and pay a small fee. Since the programme’s introduction in 2010, user demand has grown rapidly in tandem with an extension of bike and bike station infrastructure, which is currently (2015) spanning over an area of about 35km². The programme started with about 84 bike stations and 1,200 bikes. By 2015, bike stations had increased to 444, hosting more than 6,000 bikes, which can be used by the already over 100,000 users. Mexico City has also constructed about 300 km of new bike paths throughout the federal district. These new bike paths are not only benefiting EcoBici users, but also all cyclists within the city.