Turin Vision Building Workshop


15 October 2014


Urban Thinkers Campus

The LAME team of Politecnico di Torino as a representative of the Association Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS) was invited to organize an Urban Lab at the Urban Thinkers Campus which took place 15-18 October. The Urban Thinkers Campus is an initiative of the UN-Habitat in association with the Universal Forum of Cultures of Naples and Campania. The Urban Thinkers Campus engages participants through a series of thematic debates, workshops, trainings, labs (Urban Labs) and dialogue sessions (Urban Thinkers Sessions) as well as city-wide awareness-raising events and activities. The Campus aimed to gather urban thinkers and stakeholders to debate The City We Need initiated by the World Urban Campaign. This event involved the global community of urban thinkers in the next step towards shaping the New Urban Agenda and strengthening partnerships towards the Habitat III Conference.

POCACITO was among the projects presented during the Urban Lab session entitled Advanced Local Energy Planning and Underground Space Utilizations: suitable and Feasible Solutions for Future Sustainable and Resilient Cities. The session focused on tools which cities could use to build resilient, inclusive and livable cities in a world context. Particular attention was given to enhancing the role of bottom-up optimization models for energy demand projection and scenarios analysis by presenting the tool developed by the Laboratory of Energy Model Analysis (LAME) of Politecnico di Torino and its applications. The first important step in order to implement these kinds of procedures is to set up a data collection approach to make data available, reliable and accessible by creating a GIS-based database representative of the reference energy system of the city. Some example applications and main results from the city of Turin were also presented.