Litomerice Vision Building Workshop


4 November 2014


Litomerice, Czech Republic

The vision building workshop was held in Litomerice on 4th November 2014. Following the selected project methodology for vision building, ten participants from local stakeholders created their visions of how the city should look like in 2050. The final vision encompasses five thematic areas of city´s life. There are sector specific topics – energy, transport and economy, but also crosscutting and horizontal areas like urban planning, civic society and public services with many interlinkages in between the topics.

Vision of LITOMERICE in 2050: A city for the people – emission neutral and energy self-sufficient

Sustainable transport and mobility: A clean city with diverse modes of transport

  • Safe and accessible transport: Transport in Litoměřice city in 2050 will be first of all safe and accessible – financially, spatially and without barriers.
  • City centre without individual car traffic: Individual car traffic will be limited in the city centre, where other modes of transport will be used primarily. Traffic at rest will be dealt with mainly outside the city centre.
  • Alternative traffic modes and related infrastructure: Walking, cycling and public transport will be encouraged. The transport infrastructure will be tailored to enable flexibility of choice of diverse transport modes. Motorized transport will be minimised, while ensuring sufficient level of mobility.
  • Ecological fuels and local renewables: Vehicles will use primarily ecological fuels and energy from local renewables. Traffic noise will be minimized.
  • Optimized traffic: Traffic will be automated and real time optimized.

Sustainable energy: Energy self-sufficient and carbon free city

  • Energy self-sufficient: The city Litoměřice will be in 2050 energy self-sufficient. It will use local renewable energy sources. The most of its energy demand will be covered by a geothermal power plant in city´s ownership. The potential of decentralized energy production will be fully utilized.
  • Energy undemanding: The demand for energy will be systematically lowered and the effectiveness of energy use will be increased. Especially the energy performance of buildings will be improved and the energy flows will be optimised.
  • Maximum use of local renewable energy sources: The energy system of Litoměřice city will be based on local and renewable energy sources.
  • Optimisation of energy flows: Energy flows in the city (production as well as consumption) will be optimized and the energy surpluses will be sold.

Urbanism and public spaces: A city of short distances

  • Compact city with clear borders: The city of Litoměřice will be a compact city in 2050; its development will be implosive.
  • Spatially interconnected and intergenerational: The city will be spatially interconnected, creating opportunities and spaces for encounters and intergenerational cognition.
  • A living historic city centre: Litoměřice is a city with valuable historic city centre. In 2050, the city centre will not be conserved, but will be actively utilized with respect to current needs of citizens as well as the historical value of the architecture.
  • Green city with enough functional green areas and corridors: Litoměřice will be a green city stressing the development, conservation and functionality of green areas and corridors with low energy intensity.
  • Adapted to climate change: The city will be prepared to react on impacts of climate change, especially floods.

Civic society and public services: A city for the people, people for the city – a liveable city

  • Active, safe and resilient community: To live in Litoměřice in 2050 will mean to live in an active, safe and resilient community.
  • Cultural and active: The city will provide sufficient space, facilities and background for cultural and leisure activities.
  • Educated city: It will provide quality, accessible and innovative training and education.
  • Solidary community: It will ensure a dignified life to all generations.
  • Accessible and open public services: The public services provided by the city will be accessible to all. The city´s functioning will be transparent.

Economy: A city attractive and open to investments

  • Attractive and open to investments: The city of Litoměřice will be open and attractive to investments.
  • Local production and consumption, ecological agriculture: Local production and consumption will create the basis of the city´s economy, ecological agriculture will be supported.
  • Waste-free city: Waste management will be handled in a closed cycle, the city will be “waste-free”.
  • Industry with minimized enironmental impacts: Negative impacts on environment from industrial operations in the city will be minimised.
  • Equal access to employment: There will be equal conditions in eccess to emploament for wemen and men.
  • Attractive for tourism: Tourism will constitute significant constribution to the local economy.
  • Inovative city

Watch report from the workshop in local television.