First Post-Carbon Cities Stakeholders Workshop Outcomes


27 June 2014


Brussels, Belgium

On June 27th, stakeholders for the POCACITO project came together to provide their perceptions of the future of cities in a post-carbon society and contribute to the development of a 2050 roadmap for EU post-carbon cities. A large part of this workshop was dedicated to discussing questions via a World Café. The World Café was a structured conversational process which aimed to provide an open and creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest to surface their collective knowledge, share ideas and insights and gain a deeper understanding of the subject and the issues involved.

Stakeholders discussed what it means to be a post-carbon city, worked to identify key uncertainties to achieving post-carbon cities in Europe and engaged in a dialogue about the best leverage points to focus on to acheive a European post-carbon city model in 2050. These discussions and the ideas they generated marked a strong initial step in the project, one which will be built upon as the project moves forward.