Integrated Case Study Assessment Report

In order to use an evidence-based approach to develop a 2050 roadmap to support the transition of cities to a more sustainable or post-carbon future, 10 European case studies were selected: Barcelona, Copenhagen, Malmö, Istanbul, Lisbon, Litoměřice, Milan-Turin, Rostock and Zagreb. An important step to achieve the project’s goal is to produce an integrated assessment of case study cities in order to evaluate and make a comparison of the current situation of these cities as an input into the scenario development.
The data presented in this report was collected by the case study lead partners during the production of their individual assessment reports. Copenhagen was not included in the analysis due to late delivery of the report.
The document is divided in the following parts: approach and methodology; overview of the case study cities; key strategies and projects; integrated case study cities assessment; findings and key challenges; and conclusions.