New Online CO2 Meter: Real-Time Data For Real-Time Action

13 October 2014 - 11:00am
Ecologic Institute

Climate change is inevitable and there is little doubt that green house gases from human activities are causing temperatures around the world to rise causing dangerous irreversible effects on humans and the natural environment we live in. Many cities around the world are taking steps in the right direction to not only reduce their emissions levels but transition into carbon-neutral societies all together. However, what has been missing is a global, transparent tool that allows us to see how our actions are affecting the climate.

On October 6th, Climate-KIC launched a web-based CO2 meter, a transparent instrument which informs any interested party of the current atmospheric pressure. This can serve as an important tool for stakeholders around the world interested in climate change reduction and mitigation, particularly as demographic and economic changes threaten to magnify the consequences of climate change. Data for this meter comes from Europe’s top research station, Mace Head, located off the coast of Ireland. By allowing people and nations to view current climate data in an easy-to-understand way, perhaps it will encourage efforts towards a post-carbon society.