Research for a Post-Carbon Future

17 September 2014 - 9:30am
Ecologic Institute

The Research for a Post-Carbon Future conference will focus on Europe's transition to a post-carbon society. There are still many technological, political, societal, economic, and behavioral obstacles in achieving such a deep transformation. But visioning where we are headed also reveals key opportunities. Experts from academia and policy will bring together applied and theoretical perspectives to discuss state-of-the-art socio-economic research, probing the most controversial aspects of the post-carbon transition debate.

The conference will showcase the work of Ecologic Institute and invited external guests. It will present research from three separate European Commission-funded projects investigating the European energy transformation, "Transition towards Low-Carbon Energy Security" (MILESECURE 2050) (link is external) (link is external), Post-Carbon Cities in Europe: A Long-Term Outlook (POCACITO (link is external)), and Combining Policy Instruments to Achieve Europe's 2050 Climate Targets (CECILIA 2050 (link is external)).