Skyrise Greenery – Incentive Scheme SGIS

5 500 000 (2014)
GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP):
78 763.00US$ (2014)

Singapore is one of the world’s leaders in urban greenery on buildings. In 2009, the National Parks Board of Singapore developed the Skyrise Greenery Incentive Scheme (SGIS), which promotes greenery on high- rise buildings, and thus contributes towards Singapore ́s vision of a City in a Garden. Additionally Skyrise Greenery under the SGIS offers environmental, economic, social and aesthetic benefits. Because of limited land space in Singapore the SGIS became an important element in sustainable urban development. There are two categories of urban greenery actions funded by the SGIS, the rooftop greenery and vertical greenery on facades and walls of existing and new buildings. The program encourages building developers to provide communal green spaces at the ground and upper levels of high-rise buildings.