Inovgrid - Èvora Inovcity smart energy grid

54 662 (2014)

Inovgrid is an innovative pilot smart-grids project that was implemented in the city of Évora (Inovcity). The initiative provides smart meters to the electricity consumers’ resident in Évora, free of cost. These smart meters collect data about individual consumption profiles and collective grid demands. After a few years of data collection this project enables and optimizes the smooth integration of decentralized energy generation, and electric vehicles (charging infrastructure) into the grid. The project also promotes automated grid management, the improvement of the quality of energy services, the reduction of grid operating costs, and the promotion of energy efficiency and sustainability while simultaneously reducing national energy dependence.The project was implemented in 2010 by EDP - Energias de Portugal, a power company, and included the installation of 30,000 energy boxes plus 40,000 distribution transformer controllers and the respective integration with the company’s systems. In parallel, with the installation of this hardware, the project has proceeded with the definition of working groups dedicated to the analysis and quantification of the potential benefits of the installed technologies.The project comprises several features such as smart metering, public lighting, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, energy efficiency and client interaction interfaces.