EcoElétrico Curitiba - Smart Mobility

1 879 355 (2014)
GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP):
16 980.00US$ (2014)

EcoElétrico Curitiba intends to implement, by 2020, a new generation mobility menu for Curitiba based on a connected, integrated and sustainable transportation system, with technology adapted to the mobility needs of its citizens. The goal is to integrate all the mobility services in Curitiba, creating a single “mobility menu”. In the first phase of EcoElétrico, in place since June 2014, a fleet of 12 shared electric vehicles and 10 charging stations, demonstrating a pilot e-mobility concept, are used by the Municipality of Curitiba. The fleet and charging stations are connected and monitored via an online mobility and energy management platform (“”) which offers real time management and monitoring for mobility and energy of the city. The “” platform continuously monitors all charging stations and vehicle movements and thus allows drawing conclusions on the impact of the new intelligent e-mobility-concept in real time.